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Year review

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¡En inglés, pa practicar! 

I’m not used to writing this kind of life recaps in english so you’ll have to bear with my lack of words and utterly simple grammar and try to imagine how much eloquent I sound in spanish. Writing this post is not only a good practice in terms of language, it allows me to be grateful for the good things I have in my life. I know 2016 hasn’t been a good year for many people out there. For me, it’s been kind of  a transition between one point to another. Dull and frustrating sometimes but thrilling at the same time. In the end, I can’t complain, I’ve had a good year.


I finished my degree on 2d animation and left Madrid, the city that became my unexpected home for the last three years. And I say home not just because I lived there, but because I found a part of me that I didn’t know I was missing. And now I’m tied to this place even though I’ve been rejecting it my whole life. And I couldn’t be happier. Oh, the irony. 

This year has been a learning experience, relationship-wise. I’ve been single for so long (*cough* my whole life *cough*) that now I feel like I’m getting to know a different me. After a year and a half, I  can see my flaws more than ever. Nothing new coming from an old-time pessimist. But it’s ok. I don’t aim to be perfect, just better. And hey… Who knew that it felt so good to love somebody? (Everyone apparently) 

I started 2016 feeling anxious about not knowing what I would do with my life after finishing my studies . I was eager to find a job and/or finally leave the city and that’s a big deal for someone who basically hates change. To say that I have zero concerns now, would be a lie but I’m positive that I’m on my way to get there. I left Madrid and I’ve been working my ass for months to do my best of this great opportunity I’ve been given, I hope this 2017 pays off.

And what about art? I still have a big list of “to-do projects” including comics, animation, journals and illustrations that I failed to accomplish during 2016. But, somehow I’ve managed to do great things as well: putting together a portfolio, finishing some sketchbooks and starting new ones, writing cover letters for big studios, doing my first animated spot or publishing my first graphic novel.

I had the overall feeling that 2016 wasn’t as exciting and memorable as other years, but… now that I’m writing this, I can’t deny that the balance is positive. Who am I trying to fool? There’s plenty to be excited for! So thank you to everyone who’s helped to make my year that good. Thanks for reading, thanks for sharing, thanks for checking out my work, thanks for being a friend, thanks for being there!

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