jueves, 9 de octubre de 2014

Fragmentos VI - Not that kind of girl

Well friends, learning about "The world" is not pretending you're a hooker while a guy from the part of New Jersey that's near Pennsylvania decides which Steely Dan record to put on at 4:00 A.M (...)
The secrets of life aren't being revealed when someone laughs at you for having studied creative writing (...)
When someone shows you how little you mean to them and you keep coming back for more, before you know it you start to mean less to yourself. You are not made up of compartments! You are one whole person! What gets said to you gets said to all of you, ditto what gets done. Being treated like shit is not an amusing game or a transgressive intellectual experiment. It's something you accept, condone an learn to believe you deserve (...)
If I was going to write honestly about twenty-something life, sex was a topic I'd have to addres head-on. And the sex in television and movies had always rubbed me the wrong way. Everything I saw as a child from 90210 to The Bridges of Madison County, had led me to believe that sex was a cringey, warmly lit event where two smooth-skinned, gooey-eyed losers achieved mutual orgasm by breathing on each other's faces (...)
I've always had a talent for recognizing when I am in a moment worth being nostalgic for (...)
Upon graduation I had felt a heavy sense of doom, a sense that nothing would ever be simple again. But look, look what we had found! We were making it work, with our cash and our bad wrapping jobs (...) But ambition is a funny thing: it creeps in when you least expect it and keeps you moving, even when you think you want to stay put. I missed making things, the meaning it gave this long march we call life (...)

Not that kind of girl - Lena Dunham

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