miércoles, 23 de abril de 2014

Fragmentos III - Love over Scotland

One feature of the chain coffee shops was the absence of conversation between staff and customer, and indeed between customer and customer. Nobody spoke in such places; the staff said nothing because they had nothing to say; the customers because they felt inhibited from talking in such standardised surroundings. There was something about plastic surroundings that subdued the spirits, that cudgelled one into silence (...)
For although we are at our most secure - in one sense - in our own homes, we are also at our most vulnerable, for the social persona, the one we carry with us out into the world, cannot be worn at home all the time. That is where resides the real self that can be so easily hurt (...)

 Love over Scotland - Alexander McCall Smith

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It's one of the things about Mc Call Smith that I really love: how he manages to make smart observations about daily life.
I luv u